Basset Hound Myths – Debunked!

Basset hounds are lazy.

False. Basset hounds are active and playful just like other dogs.  The younger the hound, the more active he will be.  Even older hounds enjoy walks and regular exercise.

Basset hounds are fat.

False.  Basset hounds need to be healthy, slim, and trim, just like other active dogs.  Excess weight may cause back problems or arthritis as they age.  They are not meant to be overweight dogs.

Basset hounds drool and slobber a lot.

Completely unfounded.  Just kidding.  Some basset hounds drool.  Some do not.

Basset hounds smell bad.

Well, maybe.  Depends on how dirty they are.  Basset hounds are just like other dogs, they need a bath every now and then.

Now, a few facts…

Basset hounds have long ears.

True.  Their ears are a big part of their charm, but they also need to be cleaned regularly inside and out.  A veterinarian can show you how to do this correctly.

Basset hounds have sad eyes.

True.  But, they serve a purpose:  to instill a deep sense of pity into us so we give them more treats.  Really, it’s just part of their anatomy sometimes, droopy eyes, and we think it also makes them look wise.

Basset Hounds have wrinkles.

True.  Most basset hounds have extra skin that hangs and wrinkles in the most delightful way.  We find this only adds to their noble appearance.

Basset hounds are big dogs.

True.  Many people confuse shortness with smallness.  Basset hounds are low to the ground, but they are big dogs on short legs, and usually weight anywhere from 35 to 70 lbs.  Their big feet help support their heavy frames. Even though our basset hounds do sometimes decide to lay on laps, they probably should not be classified as lap dogs.

Basset hounds are not good swimmers.

True.  With those short legs, we do not recommend that basset hounds be left unsupervised around water.  Even if they were very determined, it would prove difficult for them to swim very well with their short legs.

Basset hounds are awesome.

True.  We love them. We can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t want one. We think they make great family dogs, are usually amiable and friendly, and are very affectionate to their owners.
The above breed information is probably biased since we are really fond of basset hounds, so here are some links we recommend where you can read more about them.

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