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Is it dinner time yet? Because I just love love love to eat! I will sit and wag my tail super hard so my butt shakes while you open the can, just so you know how happy I am. And I swear I’ll be a good boy and love all the other animals around me, humans, cats, dogs, you name it, I am friendly with them! I have excellent manners and always wait at the door and scratch when I have to go potty. I’m also crate trained and will wait there patiently all day, snoozing away when you are gone And like that isn’t enough, I am very helpful and will follow you around with my big sweet eyes watching you, waiting to lend you a helping paw If you would like to adopt Clyde, please complete our adoption application form. Answering all the questions fully will speed the application process. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also visit us at Bellyrubs.org.

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